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How do you want to feel in your outdoor space?
Whether its a backyard, a patio or balcony, a wide front porch or a vegetable garden, we all get similar benefits from being in our own outdoor space.  It might be that feeling of pride in growing lovely flowers or beautiful tomatoes. It could be a peaceful feeling when the sunlight shines through the leaves just so.  You may feel satisfaction as you see your efforts come to life and bloom (literally and figuratively).  Your outdoor space should offer a calm respite from a busy world.
We help people feel wonderful in their outdoor spaces.  We answer questions like 'what will grow here?'; 'how can I grow things in this shady, small, dry, windy, weed covered space?' and even 'I have no idea where to start!'
We use only natural, earth friendly products in your garden: compost, mulches and certified organic soil amendments and fertilizers.  No chemicals and no pesticides.  We emphasize plants, flowers, shrubs and trees native to our area and hardy to our growing zone: all for the purpose of decreasing maintenance time in the garden and increasing enjoyment time.
You're in charge here.  We will help make a plan for your garden, in whatever form it takes, and help you take care of it too.  We provide a range of service from a walking consultation with garden care advice and ideas; to end-to-end design, installation and care for your garden.  Whether you want to grow a salad on your balcony or design a garden for a suburban acreage, we can help.


the Organic Gardener

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Owner & Gardenerd

Cathy Giblin

Expert, trusted, caring.  Last year, I turned a life-long passion and hobby into my full time vocation.  After completing an Organic Master Gardener program, I chucked a corporate career to spend my time in a garden...your garden.  I care about the earth and what we do to it.  I make good soil and help people grow things: healthy food, beautiful flowers and soul-nourishing outdoor spaces.

Organic Gardening Services

What We Provide

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Custom Garden Planning

Everything in the right place, beautifully

Do you look at your outdoor space and wonder what grows best where?  Ever have less than stellar results when you plant things in your garden?  Want to create, expand or improve your garden?  Feeling inspired by gardens you see online or in your neighbourhood and want the same thing in your yard? Our custom garden plans and design includes:

  • a thorough yard and garden walk through 

  • soil analysis to determine silt, sand and clay content of soil 

  • discussion to understand desired results in your garden...starting with "how do you want to feel when you are in your outdoor space?"

  • hand drawn scale garden plan with a "map" and list of what plants go where

  • an emphasis on a sustainable, easy to care for garden with perennials, shrubs and trees native or hardy to our climate

  • composting, rainwater capture and raised or vertical beds are part of the conversation!

Custom garden planning varies according to the size and complexity of the design: just call us to get started on a quote (a brief on-site visit is usually required).  We can also procure and install everything in your dream garden plan...ask us for more information!


Garden Maintenance

Expert Service

Have vacation plans?  Finding that looking after your beautiful garden is a challenge for you physically or time-wise?  Our garden maintenance packages include:

  • weekly pruning, weed removal and/or dead-heading

  • weekly watering of garden beds as required

  • soil amendment or compost application as needed

  • more frequent visits to water and care for container plantings is also available!  Ask us for more information

Weekly maintenance varies according to size of gardens and frequency of visits required

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Seasonal Clean-up

Attention to Detail

Want to start things off with a bang by ensuring your soil is ready to grow amazing vegetables or beautiful perennials and shrubs?  Is it time to put that garden to bed while you look at seed catalogues all winter? A seasonal clean up by The Organic Gardener & Company includes:

  • removal of leaves, dead fall, and weeds

  • trimming of all perennials, pruning of small shrubs if needed

  • preparation of all garden beds with organic compost

  • top dressing of all garden beds with finely shredded bark mulch

  • composting of all plant material

Seasonal clean-up package price varies depending on size of garden.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs!

Gardening Tools

That's not all we do!

Additional Services

Gardening is what we do and there's no end how we can help!  Our other services include:

  • hands on in your garden or in a classroom setting, we provide workshops on topics such as "grow a salad on your balcony", basics of organics and more

  • planting blitzes 

  • prepare your garden for a special event

  • custom planters for that shady front porch or just in time for a seasonal outdoor display

Don't see it here?  Just ask!


Here's what people say...

Cathy is very well informed about the organic gardening process and extremely passionate about gardening and sustainability. You can trust her for advice and guaranteed, she cares about you and all your outdoor needs!

Great skill mixed with great heart.  I'll happily trust Cathy with my home

As long as I've known her, my friend Cathy has loved to dig in the dirt! I am so impressed by and happy for her and already have a consultation booked for spring!

Rosie T

Blaine M

Gillian L


Get in Touch

Want to schedule a garden service? Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you


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